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(IRC Log)
(IRC Log)
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== IRC Log ==
== IRC Log ==
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15:00:29 <handsome_pirate> #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting
15:00:29 <zodbot> Meeting started Mon Aug 26 15:00:29 2013 UTC.  The chair is handsome_pirate. Information about MeetBot at
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15:00:39 <zodbot> tflink: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.
15:00:41 <handsome_pirate> #chair kparal jskladan tflink
15:00:41 <zodbot> Current chairs: handsome_pirate jskladan kparal tflink
15:00:56 <tflink> ha,
15:00:59 * jskladan already has a chair though ;)
15:01:07 <tflink> #meetingname Fedora QA Meeting
15:01:07 <zodbot> The meeting name has been set to 'fedora_qa_meeting'
15:01:21 <tflink> #topic Roll Call
15:01:29 * kparal is here
15:01:32 <tflink> #info agenda is in wiki
15:01:35 * jskladan "yo dawg, we heard you like chairs..."
15:01:44 <tflink> #link
15:01:58 * spoore is here...listening
15:02:00 * mkrizek is here
15:02:08 * handsome_pirate builds kernels
15:02:23 <kparal> jskladan: one word - badges!
15:02:49 <tflink> so ... who's running this show?
15:03:03 <handsome_pirate> tflink:  I can, if you want
15:03:09 <tflink> handsome_pirate: knock yourself out
15:03:13 <handsome_pirate> roger
15:03:19 * pwhalen is here
15:03:29 <handsome_pirate> #topic Previous Meeting Followup
15:03:44 <handsome_pirate> nirik:  Ping
15:03:53 <handsome_pirate> The first two items are from adamw
15:04:04 <handsome_pirate> #info adamw to draft the final Cloud changes today
15:04:07 <nirik> yes?
15:04:16 <handsome_pirate> #info adamw and pschindl to work with anaconda team on anaconda showstoppers
15:04:28 <handsome_pirate> nirik:  The third followup from last week is yours
15:04:37 <handsome_pirate> #info nirik or adamw to fix spin-kickstarts user creation bug
15:04:45 <nirik> adamw did that.
15:04:50 <handsome_pirate> Ah, okay
15:04:58 <nirik> should be fixed. :)
15:05:04 <tflink> the showstoppers that info refers to should be fixed
15:05:10 * oddshocks is lurking
15:05:15 <handsome_pirate> And, I'm guessing he took care of the other two since we have a TC
15:05:44 <handsome_pirate> Anything else y'all want to expand on there?
15:05:48 <tflink> dshea figured out what was killing installations
15:06:04 <tflink> something about the order of commands to a lightbox window
15:06:30 <handsome_pirate> Ah, cool
15:06:54 <handsome_pirate> Okay, then
15:07:05 <handsome_pirate> #topic Fedora 20 Planning
15:07:15 <handsome_pirate> #info TC1 has landed
15:07:54 <handsome_pirate> The issues so far seem to be the usual crop of TC1 blockers, but also spin problems
15:07:58 <tflink> validation treadmill time!
15:08:01 <handsome_pirate> For instance, KDE is too large
15:08:08 <handsome_pirate> tflink:  +1
15:08:25 <tflink> the blocker list doesn't look too bad so far
15:08:32 * pwhalen is testing arm images, pxe installs today
15:08:57 * tflink doesn't understand why we're waiting for freeze to add f20 to bodhi, but that's a different issue :)
15:09:11 <tflink> pwhalen: is there a beaglebone image?
15:09:19 * tflink thought someone was working on that
15:09:22 <handsome_pirate> tflink:  Not yet
15:09:37 <pwhalen> tflink, we still need a booting kernel for the bb sadly
15:09:44 <handsome_pirate> tflink:  I'll bug Kyle about the status of the kernel
15:09:45 <kparal> that was my question. we received beaglebone blacks, but are they even supported?
15:09:57 <handsome_pirate> kparal:  Not yet :(
15:10:11 <pwhalen> but they will be
15:10:23 <kparal> well, it's going to be hard to do QA until then
15:10:34 <kparal> since we have no other arm devices
15:10:37 * pschindl is here
15:10:38 <pwhalen> kparal, agreed. you can also use qemu
15:10:43 <tflink> and I just got my new SD cards :)
15:10:52 <tflink> but they can work on my panda as well
15:11:03 <handsome_pirate> Aye
15:11:03 <pwhalen> tflink, when panda's fixed
15:11:05 <kparal> pwhalen: but some qemu arm modules are not packaged in fedora, are they?
15:11:09 <pwhalen> and its getting closer
15:11:14 <handsome_pirate> We support vxpress (qemu)
15:11:28 <tflink> pwhalen: so what's working right now?
15:11:44 <pwhalen> all images work with qemu, you need to extract the initramfs and vmlinuz
15:11:54 <tflink> it sounds like trimslice, panda and bb are all broken ATM
15:12:04 <handsome_pirate> Indeed
15:12:08 <pwhalen> working right.. qemu, highbank, trimslice boot but no network
15:12:35 <pwhalen> sorry, trimslice kernel is fine, but f20 image wont work til the glibc issue is fixed
15:13:00 <tflink> so we're 1 week away from freeze and almost none of the supported platforms boot?
15:13:14 * tflink has a bad feeling about this
15:13:15 <handsome_pirate> Indeed
15:13:23 <pwhalen> kyle has been working hard on omap, and has now discovered the kernel issue appears to be uboot
15:13:54 <kparal> related question - why do we have "Trimslice, Panda, Panda ES" in the installation matrix? why only these 3, and why not just a single "ARM" column?
15:14:16 <tflink> #info non working ARPM platforms as of today: pandaboard, beaglebone black, trimslice
15:14:28 <tflink> kparal:  different boot methods
15:14:45 <tflink> and different chips
15:14:54 <tflink> #undo
15:14:54 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x23663b10>
15:15:12 <tflink> #info non working ARM platforms as of today: pandaboard, beaglebone black, trimslice
15:15:16 <pwhalen> panda and panda es could share the same column, and perhaps the name changed to reflect the actual difference, ext vs vfat partitioning for boot
15:15:44 <kparal> tflink: I see only two different images - vfat a non-vfat
15:15:44 <kparal>
15:16:04 <kparal> pwhalen: in that case it should, otherwise it's very confusing for someone who doesn't know the differences
15:16:06 <tflink> #info work on omap issue has been progressing, new issues in uboot are causing problems on panda
15:16:23 <pwhalen> kparal, agreed
15:16:28 <handsome_pirate> So, we might want to propose that if it isn't working by freeze, we don't support it
15:16:30 <kparal> ok, I'll adjust the template
15:16:44 <pwhalen> kparal, thanks
15:17:14 <tflink> other arm issues other than non-functional platforms?
15:17:49 <pwhalen> tflink, will know more today, really only know the state of the kernel
15:18:20 <pwhalen> I have been doing basic boot testing of the rawhide images.. on qemu only as the hw has issues (trimslice glibc issue, panda non booting kernel)
15:18:26 <tflink> ok, I suspect that x86 is in a similar position
15:18:46 <tflink> is there any ETA on getting any of that fixed?
15:19:05 <pwhalen> not as of yet
15:19:19 * tflink is not thrilled about releasing alpha with a PA not supporting many of its platforms
15:19:28 <tflink> thrilled at the thought
15:19:52 <handsome_pirate> tflink:  Neither am I
15:20:30 <pwhalen> things tend to shape up quickly near the end, so much change in the kernel for arm
15:20:43 <kparal> pwhalen: is there a blogpost somewhere how to run arm images in virt-manager? I'd link that to the test cases
15:20:53 <tflink> pwhalen: that doesn't really comfort me much
15:21:02 <handsome_pirate> kparal:  virt-manager doesn't support arm yet
15:21:11 <pwhalen> kparal, I need to write something for f20, you can use the f19 install page
15:21:16 <handsome_pirate> kparal:  According to the virt-manager folks, it's coming
15:21:29 <handsome_pirate> kparal:  Right now, you have to do qemu manually
15:21:46 <pwhalen> kparal,
15:21:55 * kparal will have a look
15:22:28 <tflink> #info for more on booting ARM images with qemu:
15:22:35 <tflink> #link
15:22:51 <tflink> is there anything else on ARM that we need to cover?
15:23:34 <pwhalen> tflink, I dont think so, I will find out more on the status today
15:23:48 <tflink> handsome_pirate: shall we move on to cloud and x86?
15:23:53 <handsome_pirate> Sure
15:24:14 <tflink> has anyone tried the cloud image yet?
15:24:20 <handsome_pirate> tflink:  I have not
15:24:31 * tflink assumes not since TC1 wasn't released all that long ago
15:24:37 <handsome_pirate> tflink:  Did it ever get sorted out where we can run the cloud images?
15:24:47 * tflink hopes we'll see more participation from the cloud folks than in previous releases
15:24:54 <tflink> handsome_pirate: I don't believe so, no
15:25:02 <kparal> Cloud QE offered some help
15:25:20 <kparal> but the discussion trailed off
15:25:24 <jreznik> well for ARM - in case it would not be ready for Alpha in time - where do we want to go to FESCo before blocking release? (as for ARM contingency plan)?
15:25:59 <tflink> jreznik: I'd say lets wait for freeze
15:26:21 <tflink> if we still don't have any working platforms outside qemu and highbank at that point, alert FESCo
15:26:28 <handsome_pirate> Aye, see how things stand next week
15:26:44 <tflink> did the cloud changes get merged into release criteria?
15:26:57 <jreznik> tflink: agree
15:26:59 * tflink isn't 100% sure what those changes are, just sees item from last week
15:27:21 <kparal> tflink:
15:27:24 <handsome_pirate> nirik:  They did
15:27:36 <kparal> "Release-blocking cloud images must boot in the [[Infrastructure/FedoraCloud|Fedora OpenStack Cloud]] and in [ Amazon EC2]."
15:27:51 * nirik looks up, hum?
15:27:54 <kparal> "* Release-blocking cloud images must allow login with the user authentication configuration requested during instance creation."
15:28:18 <kparal> nirik: handsome_pirate wanted to reply to tflink, I guess
15:28:23 <tflink> nirik: I think he meant that for me
15:28:50 <nirik> ah, ok. ;)
15:28:59 <handsome_pirate> Aye
15:29:11 * nirik is easily confused in the morning. ;)
15:29:27 * handsome_pirate doesn't get how he managed nirik from tflink
15:29:33 * handsome_pirate blames tab-completion
15:29:36 <tflink> we need to start figuring out who's working on the cloud image validation, though
15:29:51 * nirik loads the tc1 images into our cloud.
15:29:53 <tflink> handsome_pirate: n and t are on different parts of the keyboard, though :)
15:30:10 <handsome_pirate> tflink:  If I can get somewhere to do it, I'll test cloud
15:30:12 <roshi> tflink perhaps he's using a modified dvorak layout
15:30:24 <handsome_pirate> roshi:  Nope :)
15:30:45 <tflink> do we know if the AMIs were uploaded to amazon?
15:30:50 <roshi> well, then you have no excuse handsome_pirate
15:30:50 * tflink assumes not
15:31:16 <handsome_pirate> tflink:  dgilmore says that there are compose issues with cloud images
15:31:24 <handsome_pirate> tflink:  He says composition is broken
15:31:34 <nirik> hum, no 32bit cloud image. ;(
15:32:48 <tflink> any volunteers to coordinate with the cloud folks for testing images and coordinating which images are supposed to be where?
15:32:56 * handsome_pirate waves
15:33:27 <handsome_pirate> #action handsome_pirate to coordinate with cloud folks for cloud testing and where images are to be located
15:33:29 <tflink> #action handsome_pirate to coordinate with releng and cloud folks to figure out who's doing testing and which images are supposed to be where
15:33:32 <tflink> damnation
15:33:36 <tflink> #undo
15:33:36 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x21573f50>
15:33:51 <tflink> anything else on cloud?
15:34:06 * tflink assumes not
15:34:10 <tflink> how about x86?
15:34:20 * tflink just started downloading images
15:34:29 <tflink> any obvious showstoppers so far?
15:34:38 <handsome_pirate> I've heard mutterings that it's still not installible
15:34:48 <tflink> fun
15:34:54 <kparal> for some reason, it failed to start over PXE on two different machines
15:34:59 <kparal> VM worked well
15:35:06 * kparal still investigating
15:35:28 <tflink> kparal: cool, sounds like some progress at least :)
15:36:02 <handsome_pirate> tflink:  < rrknight3> I'm completely unable to install TC1.  DeviceFormat has no attribute mount in both graphics and text mode on x86_64.
15:36:03 <tflink> anything else for x86 testing/planning?
15:36:22 <tflink> custom partitioning?
15:36:23 <handsome_pirate> (that's from this morning in #fedora-qa
15:36:26 <handsome_pirate> )
15:36:35 <handsome_pirate> He didn't say
15:37:46 <tflink> I guess we'll find out as more people test
15:38:01 <tflink> it's not like TC1 has been out for long
15:38:06 <handsome_pirate> Aye
15:38:16 <tflink> any other issues to cover for F20?
15:39:01 * handsome_pirate thinks it's time for:
15:39:04 <tflink> handsome_pirate: open floor?
15:39:06 <handsome_pirate> #topic Open Floor
15:39:23 <handsome_pirate> Anyone have anything?
15:39:56 <tflink> test
15:40:04 * handsome_pirate sets the magical unicorn rainbow sparkle timer for five minutes
15:40:05 <tflink> test day request should be going out soon
15:40:18 <tflink> roshi: ^^ correct?
15:40:26 <roshi> tflink did you get me added to the group?
15:40:31 <tflink> yep
15:40:32 * roshi is at work and can't check atm
15:40:53 <handsome_pirate> Group?
15:40:55 <roshi> yeah - I'll get that out when I get home
15:41:03 <tflink> handsome_pirate: for modifying the qa calendar
15:41:11 <handsome_pirate> Ah
15:41:22 <handsome_pirate> tflink:  Am I part of that group?
15:41:40 * handsome_pirate is in several qa groups and can't remember which does what
15:41:52 <tflink> handsome_pirate: I don't think so
15:42:15 <roshi> tflink I'll send you a draft when I get home - since it'll be my first
15:42:28 <tflink> roshi: sounds like a plan
15:42:41 <handsome_pirate> roshi:  I did it a few releases ago; just make sure you keep up on the details
15:43:19 <roshi> handsome_pirate sounds good
15:43:23 * handsome_pirate once again sets the magic pony fuse
15:43:31 * roshi will get the hang of it no problem
15:44:36 <handsome_pirate> Anything else?
15:44:49 <handsome_pirate> Going once
15:44:54 <handsome_pirate> Twice
15:44:58 <handsome_pirate> #endmeeting

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  • handsome_pirate (68)
  • kparal (22)
  • pwhalen (21)
  • nirik (8)
  • roshi (8)
  • zodbot (7)
  • jskladan (2)
  • jreznik (2)
  • spoore (1)
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  • pschindl (1)


  • Followup from previous meeting
  • Fedora 20 Planning
  • Open floor

Followup from previous meeting

  • adamw to draft the final Cloud changes today
  • adamw and pschindl to work with anaconda team on anaconda showstoppers
  • nirik or adamw to fix spin-kickstarts user creation bug

Fedora 20 Planning

Open floor

Action items

  • handsome_pirate to coordinate with cloud folks for cloud testing and where images are to be located


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