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| N/A
| N/A
| IPv4 only
| IPv4 only
| firewalld
| A firewall daemon with D-BUS interface providing a dynamic firewall

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Network configuration packages

IPv4 and IPv6 configuration stacks

Package Description Assessment
NetworkManager Network connection manager and user applications good
dhcpcd A minimalistic network configuration daemon with DHCPv4, rdisc and DHCPv6 support good

Tools and helper software

There is no uniform way to test the following packages.

Package Description Assessment
dhcp Dynamic host configuration protocol software good
iproute Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools good
dnssec-trigger NetworkManager plugin to update/reconfigure DNSSEC resolving good
iptables Tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities good
iputils Network monitoring tools including ping bad tracepath and possibly other tools don't behave correctly
fping bad lack of IPv6 support
nslookup bad bad default behavior
arptables N/A IPv4 only
arpwatch N/A IPv4 only
firewalld A firewall daemon with D-BUS interface providing a dynamic firewall

Core system and libraries

Packages Description Assessment Notes
avahi Local network service discovery bad IPv6 turned off by default, nss-mdns doesn't do IPv6LL due to glibc limitations
glibc The GNU libc libraries bad limited and buggy getaddrinfo(), upstream getaddrinfo issues
abrt Automatic bug detection and reporting tool
anaconda Graphical system installer
apr Apache Portable Runtime library
busybox Statically linked binary providing simplified versions of system commands
docker Automates deployment of containerized applications check: IPv6 in /etc/resolv.conf, IPv6 on bridged networks
dracut Initramfs generator using udev
glib2/glib-networking Networking support for GLib
grub2 Bootloader with support for Linux, Multiboot and more
systemd A System and Service Manager
yum RPM package installer/updater/manager


Various types of software listening on a socket.

Package Description Assessment
bind The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) DNS (Domain Name System) server good
dnsmasq A lightweight DHCP/caching DNS server good
httpd Apache HTTP Server good
openssh An open source implementation of SSH protocol versions 1 and 2 good
postfix Postfix Mail Transport Agent good

Client software

Package Description Assessment
git good
curl A utility for getting files from remote servers (FTP, HTTP, and others) good
cyrus-imapd A high-performance mail server with IMAP, POP3, NNTP and SIEVE support good
c-ares A library that performs asynchronous DNS operations good
firefox Mozilla Firefox Web browser good
libssh2 A library implementing the SSH2 protocol good
subversion A Modern Concurrent Version Control System no fallback to IPv4 when IPv6 default route fails [1]