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This test is intended to confirm that anaconda can locate and use an installation source accessible via anonymous FTP.

How to test

  1. Boot the installation program using any available means (netinst/boot.iso, DVD or PXE)
  2. Direct anaconda to use FTP as the installation type by adding the boot command: askmethod
  3. When prompted, check On the network and choose to perform a FTP install
  4. Enter the URL to your FTP installation source. For example, you might enter:
  5. Proceed with the installation

Expected Results

  1. Anaconda uses the images/install.img from the FTP server provided. This can be confirmed if you have access to the FTP server logs. Alternatively, you can examine the file /var/log/anaconda.log looking for a line similar to the following
    INFO    : URL_STAGE_MAIN: url is
  2. Anaconda uses the package repository from the FTP server provided.
  3. Anaconda completes successfully
  4. System boots successfully