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This test verifies that default partitioning with encrypted block devices work.

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Boot the installer using any available means.
  2. At the disk partitioning step, choose anaconda defaults (or customize). Choose "Encryption" if not set by default and enter your password. Choose to encrypt the "whole" disk (LVM group, physical partiotions or anything you've chosen). Only /boot should be left unencrypted.
  3. Proceed with installation as usual

Expected Results

  1. Installation completes without error.
  2. The system boots into runlevel 3 (at least).
  3. Everything except /boot is encrypted.
  4. All partitions specified are mounted (e.g. no failed mounts).
  5. Partitions look sane (e.g. no garbage files).


In your ks.cfg the partitioning section should look like:

clearpart --all
autopart --encrypted --passphrase=<your_password>