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* xrandr rotation?
* Using expected driver and resolution settings
* Changing vt's back and forth
* Coming out of suspend?
* touchpad interface?
* gamepad interface?
* Brightness up/down accelerator key? 
* plymouth graphical boot enabled+working by default?

For a sample test plan format, please see QA/TestPlans/Audio

LCD Panel


The panel used in the XO is 200 DPI, but each pixel is a single color. Xorg needs to detect the XO display and reduce the resolution to a more manageable value. Pixel Qi wants to bring the display into mass production in Q2 2009, so this needs to be done in a timely fashion.


Current subpixel smoothing mechanisms don't take advantage of the unique nature of the panel. Modify Xft to add a more-specific mechanism.

Keyboard interface

Gamepad interface

Brightness controls

Screen rotation

Volume controls

Is this covered by the audio team?