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* xrandr rotation?
* Using expected driver and resolution settings
* Changing vt's back and forth
* Coming out of suspend?
* touchpad interface?
* gamepad interface?
* Brightness up/down accelerator key? 
* plymouth graphical boot enabled+working by default?

For a sample test plan format, please see QA/TestPlans/Audio

LCD Panel


The panel used in the XO is 200 DPI, but each pixel is a single color. Xorg needs to detect the XO display and reduce the resolution to a more manageable value (150 DPI?). Pixel Qi wants to bring the display into mass production in Q2 2009, so this needs to be done in a timely fashion.


Current subpixel smoothing mechanisms don't take advantage of the unique nature of the panel. Modify Xft to add a more-specific mechanism.

Display Mode

Changing between Virtual Terminal vt1 and back to the graphical terminal vt7 should behave without error and without display artefacts.

Keyboard interface

Bug 468744

Display Applications


  • Change resolution
  • Change rotation
  • Detect displays button
  • Enable "Show Displays in Panel"
  • From panel applet
    • Change resolution


  • screen rotation
  • screen detection


Shouldn't render the system unusable

Basic applications

Check to ensure various standard applications render correctly. Should probably list a few basic things to do with each application. May also include layout issues given the font size issues.

Installed applications

  • Nautilus
  • GIMP
  • Firefox
  • Empathy
  • AbiWord
  • Totem Movie Player
  • Rhythmbox Music Player

Other Applications

  • OpenOffice
  • Wine
  • Comix

USB VGA Adapter (sisusb)

The XO has no VGA port (unless you are willing to cut a hole in the back and do some soldering). But, there are USB SVGA adapters that would be very handy to have working. This involves the sisusb driver (which is included), and this works under the standard OS [1]. I don't know if this is something that can be automatically detected, but it would be nice if it worked with minimal configuration.

Initial testing is that the system seems a fair bit more flakey with a UVA200 adapter [2] plugged in under Snap3 (random halting, requires a few reboots before it'll come up). It doesn't seem to be detected (nothing new shows up in xorg.conf), and I haven't yet had success manually editing xorg.conf to make use of it.