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* xrandr rotation?
* Using expected driver and resolution settings
* Changing vt's back and forth
* Coming out of suspend?
* touchpad interface?
* gamepad interface?
* Brightness up/down accelerator key? 
* plymouth graphical boot enabled+working by default?

For a sample test plan format, please see QA/TestPlans/Audio

How the heck do I do this?

To add a new test case, add in a line like this:

* <test case description> | <testing status, can be NOT TESTED, PASS, FAIL> (<F10 build>) | <tester username>

If you wish to claim a test case, try following the description, and if it passes, mark your test case as such. If it fails, you're going to need to file a bug; thankfully, this process is relatively swift and simple. Follow this link and fill in the appropriate fields:

  • Component (make your best guess here, as it's required to file the bug)
  • Summary (a short sentence describing the problem)
  • Description (fill out the fields as clearly as possible here; it's paramount that the bug you file be understandable and reproducible by someone who knows little about the process)
  • Attachment (if you have any relevant logfiles/output, use this tool to attach them to your bug)
  • Blocks (make sure that it blocks FedoraOnXo (very important!))

For an example, check out the bug I filed for the volume accelerator key issue, BZ# 467796. After you've filled in that information, go ahead and submit the bug and report it on your test case thusly:

* Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? | FAIL (<F10 build>) [<bug URL> <bugzilla number>] | <your username>

Finally, check out the dependency tree for the FedoraOnXO bug and look around for display-related bugs. If you find one, run through the triage procedure described on the test plan wiki and see if you can move it over to ASSIGNED.

LCD Panel


The panel used in the XO is 200 DPI, but each pixel is a single color. Xorg needs to detect the XO display and reduce the resolution to a more manageable value (150 DPI?). Pixel Qi wants to bring the display into mass production in Q2 2009, so this needs to be done in a timely fashion.

  • Luya: resolution works best between 130-150 DPI.


Current subpixel smoothing mechanisms don't take advantage of the unique nature of the panel. Modify Xft to add a more-specific mechanism.

Display Mode

Changing between Virtual Terminal vt1 and back to the graphical terminal vt7 should behave without error and without display artefacts.

  • No error reported. Slight delay from vt1 Virtual Terminal to vt7 graphical terminal possibly due to limited swap memory. (F10Snap3) | Pass | Luya

Boot Display

  • Graphical boot display 'Plymouth'
    • XO with Plymouth enabled boots fine, no glitches, etc. (see [1]) | (F10Preview) | Pass | ttrinks

Keyboard interface

Bug 468744

Display Applications


  • Change resolution
  • Change rotation
  • Detect displays button
  • Enable "Show Displays in Panel"
  • From panel applet
    • Change resolution
      • Resolution is locked to 1200x900 | Luya
  • Enabling Desktop Effects (currently causes entire screen to go blank)


  • screen rotation
xrandr -o inverted
xrandr -o left
xrandr -o right
xrandr -o normal
xrandr -o 1
xrandr -o 2
xrandr -o 3
xrandr -o 0
xrandr --output default --rotate inverted
xrandr --output default --rotate normal

(F10Preview) | Pass | jpechane

  • screen detection


Shouldn't render the system unusable

Basic applications

Check to ensure various standard applications render correctly. Should probably list a few basic things to do with each application. May also include layout issues given the font size issues.

Installed applications

  • Nautilus
  • GIMP
    • Tried to make screenshop of other app, made basic editing and conversion operations, tried JPEG save, no problems so far | Pass | jpechane
  • Firefox
    • Corrupt text of certain size after scrolling in firefox on XO (F10Snap3) #469218 | Fail | Terry Stewart
  • Empathy
    • Everything works fine. | Pass | Luya
  • AbiWord
  • Totem Movie Player
    • Skidded play compared to OLPC version of Totem even with low quality ogg video.#469538 | Fail | Luya.
  • Rhythmbox Music Player
    • Rythmbox played fine, slight delay of starting due to memory. No output to speakers #466038 (F10Snap3) | Pass | Luya

Other Applications

  • OpenOffice
  • Wine
  • Comix
  • Opera
    • Regularly used, problem with menu fonts in Snap3, works OK in Preview, subjectively faster and better responding then Firefox, Mail and Chat were not tested | (F10Preview) | Pass | jpechane

USB VGA Adapter (sisusb)

The XO has no VGA port (unless you are willing to cut a hole in the back and do some soldering). But, there are USB SVGA adapters that would be very handy to have working. This involves the sisusb driver (which is included), and this works under the standard OS [2]. I don't know if this is something that can be automatically detected, but it would be nice if it worked with minimal configuration.

  • Running using only the USB VGA monitor (i.e. not using LCD) | PASS | Terrystewart
  • Using both USB VGA and LCD at once | FAIL (Preview) 470445 | Terrystewart