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(SELinux complaints)
(SELinux complaints)
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Also modify the the ''fedora-livecd-testday.ks'' file and after <code>%include</code> line add a directive
If that doesn't help, you may also modify the ''fedora-livecd-testday.ks'' file and after <code>%include</code> line add a directive
selinux --permissive
selinux --permissive

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Creating a Test Day Live Image

The following steps outline how to create a Fedora live image based on current Rawhide packages for use during Test Days.

This guide is intended mainly for Fedora QA team
Ordinary users who want to participate on a test day don't have to follow this guide, the pre-built images will be published and available for them to download on a Test Day pages.

1. Install required packages:

yum install spin-kickstarts livecd-tools

2. Save most recent fedora-live-base.ks and fedora-livecd-desktop.ks kickstart templates to a custom directory:

wget ';a=blob_plain;f=fedora-live-base.ks;hb=HEAD' -O fedora-live-base.ks
wget ';a=blob_plain;f=fedora-livecd-desktop.ks;hb=HEAD' -O fedora-livecd-desktop.ks

3. Create a new testday kickstart template fedora-livecd-testday.ks in the same directory, with this content:

%include fedora-livecd-desktop.ks

repo --name jlaska --baseurl
repo --name awilliam --baseurl


# rebrand test spins

# Set Test_Day:Current as default browser homepage
cat << EOF > /usr/lib*/firefox*/

# Create a .desktop link for Test Day
mkdir -p /etc/skel/Desktop
cat << EOF > /etc/skel/Desktop/testday.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Participate in a Test Day

3. Create the live image:

livecd-creator -c fedora-livecd-testday.ks --cache /var/cache/live -f "testday-`date +%Y%m%d`"

Solving problems

Rawhide repository broken

If current rawhide repository is broken and the livecd can't be built, and you have access to some mirror with older rawhide snapshot, you may edit fedora-livecd-testday.ks and redefine the rawhide repository after the %include line, for example looking like this:

repo --name=rawhide --baseurl=protocol:/path-to-older-rawhide-repository/$basearch/os/

In the worst case you can base the whole livecd on Fedora 11 packages with this definition:

# not really rawhide, overriden with F11 'released' repo
repo --name=rawhide --mirrorlist=$basearch
repo --name=updates --mirrorlist=$basearch

Don't forget to comment out these lines when rawhide repository gets fixed.

SELinux complaints

For building Test Days LiveCD you must have SELinux installed and enabled. Ideally it should be in the enforcing mode and everything should run fine. In case you have problems with that, you may switch the mode temporarily into permissive mode with this command run as root:

setenforce 0

If that doesn't help, you may also modify the fedora-livecd-testday.ks file and after %include line add a directive

selinux --permissive

Now the build should run fine.

Using the Live Image

Ideas For Improvement

  1. Create a .desktop file with a Test Day URL on the Desktop
  2. Make browser default homepage (suggested by User:sgallagh)
  3. Setup a test day .repo for the running live image (suggested by User:sgallagh)