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The Fedora QA team is interested in evaluating Testopia as a test planning and results recording solution.


Where is the Fedora Testopia instance?


Is Testopia packaged for Fedora?

It is packaged, and currently undergoing package review (see bug#450013)

What user account should I use?

At this time, Testopia does not support integration with existing FAS2 or user accounts

How can I sign up for an account?

Please use the built-in Testopia account system for registering a new account. To sign up for a new account, please visit

When creating a testopia account, do not use a password you might use with other Fedora infrastructure tools.

How will Testopia be used?

During the F10 campaign, several areas will be identified for testing reporting using Testopia. The first of which will be Installation testing. Additionally, all upcoming F10 features will also be planned and tracked using Testopia. Depending on feedback, additional subsystems may be added to Testopia for test planning and results collection.

What happens after F10?

The Fedora QA community will be asked to test using Testopia for F10 community test efforts. After F10 is released, the Fedora QA team will need to make a recommendation on the future use of Testopia for planning and reporting on community testing.

How can I help contribute?

Any assistance is appreciated. Depending on your background/skills, there are several ways you can help:

  1. File bugs against upstream testopia (see
  2. Discuss any experiences or issues encountered with fedora QA community (fedora-test-list or IRC at #fedora-qa) ... we welcome your feedback
  3. Have a favorite component that you don't see a test plan for? Go ahead and propose a test plan for F10 (see an example)
  4. Good with HTML and/or CSS? We'll need a fedora friendly look and feel. If you are interested please stop by the mailing list or irc (#fedora-qa)


During the Fedora9 campaign, the fedora wiki was used for planning, recording and presenting test execution status. Examples can be found:

While the information gathered was very helpful, and in the case of swfdec, was used to support dropping the proposed feature from F9, manually editing the wiki was not optimal. Additionally, tracking which test cases to include in a particular test run was easy to mis-type. Manually adding results to a wiki-style table entry was also easy to mis-type.


  • Recorded test cases provided manual steps needed for execution and verification
  • The test plan outlined a plan of attack and provided a prioritization and organization for the proposed test cases
  • Wiki worked well for test plan and case content
  • Low barrier to entry ... a wiki is straight forward and uncomplex


  • Gather alternative views of test metrics from the wiki is not possible
  • Wiki not so great for hard metrics (date, tester, pass/fail execution metrics)


DEFERRED Create site (trac, tickets, git, mailing list etc...)
COMPLETE User:dmalcolm Rough packaging of testopia so that we can install and test on publictest2
COMPLETE User:jkeating Apply for fedora infrastructure sponsorship. Jesse has volunteered to be our sponsor
COMPLETE User:dmalcolm Apply for shared "publictest environment" to house proof of concept

Available at

COMPLETE User:dmalcolm Craft a client script for communicating to testopia via XMLRPC using mozilla cookies for authentication (see QA/Testopia/XmlRpc
COMPLETE User:dmalcolm Change URL from to
COMPLETE User:dmalcolm, User:jstanley, , User:alindebe Update built-in templates to remove references to bugzilla
INPROGRESS User:jlaska Migrate existing F9 data into testopia for sample data set

See Testopia Plan#2

INPROGRESS User:dmalcolm, User:jstanley Package review for testopia RPM

See bug#450013

COMPLETE User:dmalcolm Fix bug where an existing test case can't be added to a plan. Turned out to be upstream bug bmo#436138 fixed in upstream CVS; have manually copied up the fixed version r1.10 of tr_process_case.cgi from CVS to the server (overwriting r1.9 from 2.0_RC1) and verified the fix

Open issues

User:jlaska Testopia Component list

Should the testopia instance just re-use bugzilla product and components?

2008-06-16 update: User:jstanley has updated the components on private testopia instance to use output from the pkgdb (see

User:jlaska Attaching bugs

Testopia supports linking bugs to a test run. It appears to be looking in the current db for bugs, does it support looking into another bugzilla db for a valid bug#? While in the future our bugzilla and testpia would be one ... presently they are note. Perhaps an upstream patch is in order to support alternative bug repos (or perhaps a URL) in that field?

User:jlaska Searching

Searching for test plans/cases/builds/results is somewhat odd in Testopia. Unless you're logged in, you can't peruse the information. The posted pdf documentation outlines how to use the quick search field, but this seems odd. There appears to be no advanced search page?

  • For example, how can I search for test cases matching a specific component?
  • Or, show me all test runs against the Beta build

SOLVED - the Search link in the Testopia footer takes you to a Testopia specific search page. I haven't yet figured out who to save searches and pass them around via a url ...

User:alindebe Must be logged in for viewing

We'd like our content to be read-only for all users ... login should not be required.

User:alindebe Assignee auto-assignment (or lack thereof)

A test that has been marked as "RUNNING" can only be edited by the assignee, but marking a test as "RUNNING" from unassigned leaves it unassigned, meaning that it cannot then be edited once the test has been completed. A better way would be to automatically assign tests to the user who marks them as in progress.

FUDCon Boston 2008 Hackfest

Stuff To Do

  1. You will need to create an account.
    1. Go to
    2. Click on "New Account" and supply your email address.
    3. This is still a prototype; do not reuse a valuable password for this.
    4. Get yourself added to the Testers group (wwoods can do this; who else?)
  2. Look'n'feel - some nice css so it doesn't look like bugzilla, and hack up as necessary
  3. some docs on the wiki (screencast)
    1. HOWTO: installation testing: how to report results?
    2. HOWTO: write a test plan/case for one of your packages
  4. wording of announcement:
    1. to fedora-test-list? devel-list? announce-list?
  5. database backup
  6. git repo for scripts
  7. disable bug entry
  8. have f10 install testcases ready to go
  9. XML-RPC to create each day's rawhide as a "build"
  10. BarCamp talk: who to give? what to say? etc
  1. profit!!!

What was done

Fit and Finish

  • Worked around error when creating new account

when creating account, upon following the link in the confirmation email and signing in for the first time as a new user: (this is upstream bug )

  Software error:

DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'test_plan_permissions' was locked with a READ lock and can't be updated [for Statement "INSERT INTO test_plan_permissions
                                       (userid, plan_id, permissions, grant_type)
                                       VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)" with ParamValues: 1='2', 3=2, 0='10', 2='1'] at Bugzilla/ line 944
        Bugzilla::User::derive_regexp_groups('Bugzilla::User=HASH(0x7ed4ba0)') called at Bugzilla/ line 1619
        Bugzilla::User::create('Bugzilla::User', 'HASH(0x7d2cca0)') called at /usr/share/bugzilla/token.cgi line 372
        main::confirm_create_account() called at /usr/share/bugzilla/token.cgi line 158

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (root@localhost 
<mailto:root@localhost>), giving this error message and the time and 
date of the error.

Turned out to be the regexp in jlaska's installation plan; removing it for now.

mysql> select * from test_plan_permissions_regexp;
| plan_id | user_regexp | permissions |
|       2 | .*          |           1 | 

Update 2008-06-30: Saw again on an account creation:

DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'test_plan_permissions' was locked with a READ lock and can't be updated [for Statement "INSERT INTO test_plan_permissions
                                       (userid, plan_id, permissions, grant_type)
                                       VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)" with ParamValues: 1='11', 3=2, 0='24', 2='0'] at Bugzilla/ line 944
        Bugzilla::User::derive_regexp_groups('Bugzilla::User=HASH(0x2c69c60)') called at Bugzilla/ line 1619
        Bugzilla::User::create('Bugzilla::User', 'HASH(0x2ac1da0)') called at /usr/share/bugzilla/token.cgi line 372
        main::confirm_create_account() called at /usr/share/bugzilla/token.cgi line 158

mysql> select * from test_plan_permissions_regexp;
| plan_id | user_regexp | permissions |
|      11 | .*          |           0 | 
1 row in set (0.00 sec)
  • Changed "mailfrom" from to
  • Various template hacks, see git log on /usr/share/bugzilla
  • Tried setting "expires" on static content

XML-RPC stuff

  • dmalcolm updated the python XML-RPC helper to handles login cookies sanely, working on getting this upstream; see QA/Testopia/XmlRpc
  • bpeck worked on reporting results from automated testing directly via XML-RPC; see QA/Testopia/XmlRpcReporting