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Agenda (list view)

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  • Gnome Test Day

    We will test the latest release of GNOME - GNOME 3.10. There are lots of great new features, as well as polished existing applications. Join the test day and help us make sure there are no glaring bugs in Fedora 20 GNOME desktop.

    Please visit test day wiki page.

  • Nouveau Graphics Test Day

    Please join us in testing nouveau open source driver for nVidia graphics cards. Please visit test day wiki page.

  • i18n Test Day

    Everyone who's interested in seeing applications showing in his or her native language, please come join us in the internationalization test day and help us ensure that there are no showstoppers in having the applications translated.

    Please visit the test day wiki page.

  • Power Management Test Day

    Power management is an important part of every Linux system, even though it's considered essential mainly on notebook devices. Join us in our test day and help us gather important statistical data about lots of different devices to find potential problems of unnecessary energy waste. Help us lower the consumption and your batteries will power your Linux system longer.

    Please visit the test day wiki page.