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Ext 4 fs migration from ext3

How to test

  1. Boot the F10 installer
  2. Do a default install to ext3
  3. complete installation
  4. reboot into post-install system and complete firstboot etc
  5. Boot the F11 installer with the "ext4migrate" boot option
  6. Upgrade the system and answer yes to the migration question
  7. complete upgrade
  8. reboot into post-install system and complete firstboot etc
  9. run tune2fs -l <root device> | grep extent
  10. lsattr files which have been upgraded
  11. reboot to rescue mode and run fsck on root filesystem

Expected Results

  1. installation completes successfully
  2. post-installation system boots
  3. upgrade completes successfully
  4. post-upgrade system boots
  5. post-upgrade system is functional
  6. post-upgrade system has old ext3 root mounted as ext4
  7. post-upgrade system shows "extents" in tune2fs output for root ext4 fs
  8. post-upgrade new files show -------------e- in lsattr output
  9. post-upgrade root filesystem fscks cleanly