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This page is currently a draft. This test plan has not been finalized yet. Stay tuned ...


This document describes the tests that will be created and used to verify the functions/components of Fedora 12.

The goals of this plan are to:

  • Organize the test effort
  • Communicate the planned tests to all relevant stake-holders for their input and approval
  • Serve as a base for the test planning for future Fedora 12 releases

Test Strategy

Fedora QA project uses Test Day and Milestone Install Test to organize testing

  • Test Day organizes testing of software as it is released into Rawhide, updates-testing, or as it appears in a supported public release. Test Day will focus on testing on a specific feature or component of Fedora.
  • Milestone Install Test verifies installation against Fedora 12 milestone Release Candidate builds on different hardware platforms. These tests include manual or automatic testing(cobbler/koan,etc..).
  • After testing,QA will work with developers to fix,close bugs and give corresponding feedback. If you'd like to help making Fedora better,please join us in Fedora 12 Test Day or other Fedora QA activities

New features of Fedora 12

Need confirmation on the following list of features for Fedora 12

As Fedora 11,Fedora 12 will bring us some new features.The following list of features was obtained from Anaconda/Features. Test plans for these features will be designed/developed on each feature page.


  • The Fedora 12 release schedule is available at Releases/12/Schedule
  • Each major milestone(Alpha,Beta,Preview,etc..) will demand a full regression run

Community Testing

Test Day:

  • We run Test Day to co-ordinate focused testing on a specific feature or component in community.

Milestone Install Testing:

Scope and Approach

Testing will include:

  • Manually execute test cases of Test Day using a live image of rawhide or updated system to rawhide
  • Manually/kickstart boot the installation program to execute the installation
  • Automatically execute installation testing via cobbler/koan etc..,cobbler guide and scripts,please refer to cobbler

Items outside the scope of this test plan include:

  • Functional verification of software installed on the system
  • Installation from media not generated by fedora release engineering

Reporting Bugs and Debugging Problems

If you catch some bugs during testing,we encourage you to go ahead and file the bugs.If you a new person here,please follow the guide below

Test Environment/Configs

For Fedora 12, we will execute test cases on these hardware platforms:

  • i386
  • ppc
  • x86_64


If you want to participate test day of Fedora 12,you can get help or give feedback by any of these ways: