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This document describes the tests that will be created and used to verify the installation of Fedora 12.

The goals of this plan are to:

  • Organize the test effort
  • Communicate the planned tests to all relevant stake-holders for their input and approval
  • Serve as a base for the test planning for future Fedora 12 releases

Test Strategy

Test Days are an opportunity to exercise a completed, or in-development, Feature planned for an upcoming Fedora release. Each Test Day brings something unique and you're encouraged to join and share your ideas, tests, and results. Test Days occur every Thursday between the milestones of a Fedora release. Detailed schedules can be found at: QA/Test_Days/F12

New features of Fedora 12

Need confirmation on the following list of features for Fedora 12

The following list of features was obtained from Anaconda/Features. Test plans for these features will be designed/developed on each feature page.


  • The Fedora 12 release schedule is available at Releases/12/Schedule
  • Each major milestone will demand a full regression run (Alpha, Beta, Preview Release)

Community Testing

The Fedora 12 test day is available at QA/Test_Days/F12

Test Environment/Configs

For Fedora 12, we will execute test cases on these hardware platforms:

  • i386
  • ppc
  • x86_64

Test Cases/Priority

  • Test cases for Fedora 12 ,please refer to QA:Fedora_12_Install_Results_Template#Test_Areas
  • This test plan will use priority of 3 level for test cases
    • level 1 is intended to verify that installation is possible on common hardware using common use cases.
    • level 2 takes a step further to include more use cases.
    • level 3 captures the remaining identified use cases

Reporting Bugs and Debugging Problems


If you want to participate test day of Fedora 12,you can get help from any of these ways: