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The m17n keymaps for Indic languages that follows new Enhanced Inscript draft standard(Inscript2).

How to test

  • First we need to enable extended layer which can be switched by using AltGr key. Following are the steps to enable AltGr support
  • Start the gnome-control-center and click on "Region and Language"


  • If you have already ibus running then click on ibus icon and select "Region and Language Settings"
  • Then click on the Layouts tab and then click on "Options" button.
  • Search for "key to choose 3rd level" and enable checkbox "Right Alt"
  • Also you need to add inscript2 keymap in ibus.
  • After adding inscript2 keymap, restart the ibus and then select this newly added keymap
  • Once you done with above steps you can start input using this keymap. To test whether extended layer is working or not, just try to input <AltGr + f > or <AltGr + r> or <AltGr + 4>. These are the input keys that most keymaps have mappings. If you will see the corresponding character using any of the 3 inputs then you have a working Inscript2 keymap.

Expected Results

Selected language should output characters as per the Draft of Enhanced inscript