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Before an official Fedora release comes out, several alpha, beta and release candidate releases - known collectively as pre-releases - are made available. You can contribute by installing these pre-releases and testing them. Testing will execute test cases to verify installation on different hardware platforms and gather installation test feedback. Everyone is encouraged to test anaconda and share your ideas, tests, and results.

Scope and Approach

Testing will include:

  • Manually execute test cases using DVD, CDROM, rawhide boot or live image media
  • Automatically execute test cases with auto-test system. More information about install auto-test, please see Is Anaconda Broken Proposal

When are Installation Test Events

Installation Test Events occur before milestone releases. Current event can be found at:

  • <<FIX ME>>

Test Plan and Template

Current Fedora 13 Installation Test plan and Template can be found here:

To find out more Installation Test Plans and Templates of previous releases, please click the following links:


The following cast of characters will be available testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion ...

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