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This is testing ABRT Actions and Reporters

How to test

Edit config file /etc/abrt/abrt.conf, where you should find lines:

# list of actions and reporters which are activated immediately after a
# occurs
ActionsAndReporters =

If you add here some reporter or action plugin, then it shout be run at crash time. So for example:

ActionsAndReporters = RunApp("ls". "ls-output")

Save output from ls command into the file called ls-output. This file will be used in summary report. Try Reporter plugin Mailx(<subject>) or other...,

Now let's go through second section. There is saved association among analyzers and actions and/or reporter plugins:

[ AnalyzerActionsAndReporters ]
# all C/C++ crashers will be reporter via Logger
CCpp = Logger
# if bind crash. then an email will be send and Logger should be silent
CCpp:bind = Mailx("[abrt] Bind crashed")
# all kernel crashers will be reporter via Logger
Kerneloops = KerneloopsReporter

How to test this: try to change the analyzer - reporter association to smth else and report some crash. it should reported somewhere else (Logger logs to /var/log/abrt-logger, mailx sends email to the configured email address)

Expected Results

As expected! <FIXME: reformat this page well??>