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This test case checks whether ABRT's actions and reporters function works correctly.

Please disregard this test case.
This test case was written for ABRT 1 which has already been replaced by ABRT 2.

How to test

  1. Ensure the appropriate packages are installed with the command su -c 'yum install abrt-plugin-runapp abrt-plugin-mailx'
  2. Edit the config file /etc/abrt/abrt.conf, and change the ActionsAndReporters line to read:
    ActionsAndReporters = RunApp("ls", "ls-output")
The following test doesn't work
There is a regression in abrt that prevents this option to work.
  1. Set up an executable-specific report action in the AnalyzerActionsAndReporters section, such as:
    [ AnalyzerActionsAndReporters ]
    # all C/C++ crashes will be reported via Logger plugin
    CCpp = Logger
    # if gedit crashes, then an email will be send and Logger (from ''CCpp'' section) should be silent
    CCpp:gedit = Mailx("[abrt] Gedit crashed")
  2. Restart ABRT with the command su -c 'service abrtd restart'
  3. Run the specified command (gedit in our example) and then kill it with the command kill -SIGSEGV (pid)

Expected Results

  1. Verify that a directory listing appears in the file ls-output located at /var/cache/abrt/<the_crash_directory>
    • the_crash_directory will be something like ccpp-1270110556-2295 (the format is: <analyzer>-
  2. -- DOESN'T WORK --Verify that the Mailx plugin was used to send a mail about the crash