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We use a tool called [ Phabricator] to manage our tickets and review commits. Our instance is available at:
QA instance of Phabricator has been discontinued.
You can [ create a ticket] for us there (report a bug, suggest a feature) against [ one of our tracked projects].
== FAQ ==
; When I open the main page, I see only a login dialog.
: Phabricator supports anonymous access, but the main page is unfortunately very unhelpful at the moment. You can use one of these links instead:<br>[ List of all tickets]<br>[ List of all reviews]<br>[ List of all projects]<br>[ Latest changes]
; I need to have an account to create a ticket? I don't want yet another account.
: We're very close to have FAS login support working, but it's not ready yet.
; I receive too much email for the tickets I'm subscribed to. Every single ticket change is announced.
: Go to your [ Email preferences] and set which types of action you want to get email notifications for.
; I want to receive email notifications even for tickets I'm not directly subscribed to yet (all tickets in a certain project, for example).
: Go to [ Herald tool] and create a new rule for tickets (or reviews). The rules are evaluated for every ticket/review change. For example you can specify that if a ticket belongs to certain projects or have a certain keyword in its description, you'll get automatically subscribed to it.

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QA instance of Phabricator has been discontinued.