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We use a tool called Phabricator to manage our tickets and review commits. Our instance is available at:

You can create a ticket for us there (report a bug, suggest a feature) against one of our tracked projects.


When I open the main page, I see only a login dialog.
Phabricator supports anonymous access, but the main page is unfortunately very unhelpful at the moment. You can use one of these links instead:
List of all tickets
List of all reviews
List of all projects
Latest changes
I need to have an account to create a ticket? I don't want yet another account.
We're very close to have FAS login support working, but it's not ready yet.
I receive too much email for the tickets I'm subscribed to. Every single ticket change is announced.
Go to your Email preferences and set which types of action you want to get email notifications for.
I want to receive email notifications even for tickets I'm not directly subscribed to yet (all tickets in a certain project, for example).
Go to Herald tool and create a new rule for tickets (or reviews). The rules are evaluated for every ticket/review change. For example you can specify that if a ticket is a part of certain projects, you'll get automatically subscribed to it.