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Fedora Release Criteria

This document describes general release criteria for Fedora. These criteria will be used to determine blocker bugs for a release. Refer to the RoadMap for links to tracker bugs and contact the ReleaseEngineering team if you wish to nominate any bugs as blockers for a release that meet the following criteria.

Warning.png A note on MUST and SHOULD:
Items described with the word "MUST" are required to work for all releases, including Test releases.
Additionally, the items described with the word "SHOULD" are required for all final releases.


The installer MUST boot and run on all supported arches - i386, x86_64, and ppc/ppc64.

The following install methods MUST work. Installations MUST also be tested without a network connection wherever applicable:

Test Details Notes
Optical media DVD, LiveImage
Network tree NFS, HTTP, FTP
Target Local disk, dmraid, LVM
Interface GUI, TUI
Upgrade from previous release Default install, Everything install
Package sets minimal, default, Everything Installing @Everything is deprecated and may be removed

These additional install methods SHOULD work:

Test Details Notes
Local HD install tree located on a local disk
Network ISO nfsiso, httpdisc, ftpdisc
Target removable media (USB HD)
Interface VNC Test VNC with 'connect' and 'password' params
Upgrade from previous release Default install, Everything install Include extra yum repositories
Upgrade from previous test release Default install, Everything install

Package Sanity

  • The distribution SHOULD not contain any broken EVR paths (i.e. packages that RPM considers "older" than those in the previous release).
  • The distribution SHOULD not contain any broken dependencies.


  • The installed system MUST boot and start up properly.


  • The installed system MUST be able to download updates with yum.


  • In a default install, all applications with .desktop (ie all applications that appear in the menus)entries MUST be able to start. All other applications SHOULD start as well.
  • All applications should withstand a basic click-through test, e.g. have working help and about menu items.
  • Menus sanity: All items should have icons, and look ok together (ie no wild theme mix and blurry scaled icons). There should be no "Other" menu. p-release-list (2No application should appear twice in the menus, in particular, things under Settings should not appear under Applications.
  • Panel: All elements of the default panel configuration should be functional.


  • In a default install, all available services MUST start properly. All other services in Fedora packages SHOULD start as well.


  • The system log MUST be free of SELinux 'avc: denied' messages on initial boot.
  • install.log and anaconda.log MUST be free of error messages.
  • There MUST NOT be file conflicts during install.
  • All possible data corruptor bugs MUST be fixed.
  • The installed system MUST run normally if the user chooses to install without SELinux.

Rescue mode

  • Rescue mode MUST start properly and detect/mount a default installation
  • Rescue mode SHOULD also be able to detect/mount RAID/LVM/dmraid/mdraid installations