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Interested in getting involved in Fedora QA? In addition to the many existing ways to get involved with QA, this page outlines new project ideas looking for an owner. The format of this page follows that used in Category:Summer_Coding_2010_ideas.


Think in terms of use cases
If you provide a use case and some ideas of how to solve, you give more room for students to put in their own ideas and passion.
Consider if that is possible for each of your project ideas.
Prepare a project idea page
Project pages are transcluded below
To learn how to add an idea to this page, read How to create an idea page for Summer Coding.
Use talk page to discuss ideas and proposals.
Use the discussion tab (Talk:Name of idea) page for all discussion about an idea.
Idea pages should be renamed as proposals when accepted, and all discussion about the proposal should also go in the talk page.

Idea page sample

Use the following syntax to define and translude your idea to this page.

{{:QA Summer Coding Ideas - Name of idea}}

For example, the above syntax would include the following page information.

The main page for this idea is Summer Coding 2010 ideas - Idea page sample.


Summary of idea: