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Deliver an appliance to a locally mounted drive.


  • Clone the BoxGrinder test appliances into a convenient location using command git clone
  • Create a directory to deliver file, for instance mkdir ~/delivered_appliances
  • Put the following BoxGrinder config into a file named: ~/.boxgrinder/config. Please replace YOUR_USERNAME above with the appropriate username in the snippet.
    path: /home/YOUR_USERNAME/delivered_appliances
    package: true
    overwrite: false
You cannot use environment variables such as $HOME or ~/ for the local delivery plugin's path parameter
At present a literal path must be used for local path param, as BoxGrinder Build does not handle environment variables correctly for this specific field. This will be fixed in an upcoming version.
Choose the right $HOME
Please note the location of $HOME (~/) will vary depending upon the manner in which you elevated to root privileges. Ensure you place the configuration file in the correct location for your preferred method.

How to test

  1. Navigate to directory boxgrinder-appliances/testing-appliances/jeos-appls/
  2. Execute
    boxgrinder-build fedora-15-jeos.appl -d local

Expected Results

The following must be true to consider this a successful test run.

  1. Step #2 completes without error (indicated on console)
  2. Program completes with exit code 0
  3. Determine whether a tar.gz file has appeared in the expected local directory