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Build an appliance based upon the modular appliances, which are designed to provide more comprehensive BoxGrinder Build feature coverage.


Clone the BoxGrinder test appliances into a convenient location using command git clone

We must create a local RPM repository in order to include our custom programs, this is the most effective way of adding custom applications into a BoxGrinder appliance. All of the hard work of dependency resolution is done via the RPMs!

  1. Create a directory tree of /var/repo/RPMS/noarch/
  2. Download the BoxGrinder test RPM file to /var/repo/RPMS/noarch/ (wget --directory-prefix=/var/repo/RPMS/noarch
  3. Execute createrepo /var/repo/RPMS/noarch

How to test

  1. Navigate to directory boxgrinder-appliances/testing-appliances/modular-appls/
  2. Execute boxgrinder-build fedora_rawhide.appl

Expected Results

The following must be true to consider this a successful test run.

  1. Step #2 completes without error (indicated on console)
  2. Program completes with exit code 0