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This page exists to test code that pulls test metadata out of wiki pages for use with AutoQA and the ResultDB.

We encode metadata in wiki pages by placing them in a special section named 'AutoQA Metadata'. Inside that section there should be a block of bullet points. Each bullet point will take the form:

* key:value

Where the key should be a JSON-encoded string, and the value can be any valid JSON-encoded value.

Below you can see an example, which might illustrate the idea better.

AutoQA Metadata

This is a comment, and it should be ignored.

Yup. Still not useful data.

Oh here it goes:

  • "string":"Hi, I'm a string."
  • "list": ["this", "is", "a", "list"]
  • "dict": {"subject":"this item", "verb":"is", "predicate": "a dict containing a list", "list":[1,2,3]}

Yes. That was our metadata.