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This test case tests the functionality of the ABRT feature.

How to test

  1. Check that the abrtd and abrt-applet processes are both running.
  2. Kill some running process: kill -SIGSEGV (pid). It must be a process that is part of a signed Fedora package.
  3. Kill at least two different running processes.
When using a live image
Please don't kill large applications (e.g. Firefox), because the coredumps and downloaded debuginfo packages take large amount of space and it could exhaust all your available memory.
Good candidates
If you don't have your favorite package to crash here are few examples:
  • bash
  • python
  • sleep
  • top

Expected Results

  1. The abrt-applet system tray icon should emerge with notification stating "Crash in package foo-1.2.3 has been detected"
  2. Clicking on the notification should open abrt-gui
  3. The GUI should let you select and report the crash (no need to finish the report)
  4. The GUI should let you delete the crash