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  • If you don't have an account on the bugzilla, create one.
  • Edit /etc/abrt/abrt.conf and list the CCpp and Python lines (activate it). For example:
CCpp = Bugzilla
Python = Bugzilla
  • Edit /etc/abrt/plugins/Bugzilla.conf and make sure the configuration is valid. Insert your bugzilla username and password. Or you can wait and you will be invoke to set password and login before sending report
Enabled = yes
# Bugzilla URL
BugzillaURL =
# yes means that ssl certificates will not be checked
NoSSLVerify = no
# your login has to exist, if you don have any, please create one
Login =
# your password
Password =
  • Optionally, you may set up the username and password using abrt-gui. Launch abrt-gui and select Edit -> Preferences -> Enable Bugzilla -> Configure plugin. Once complete, confirm that /etc/abrt/plugins/Bugzilla.conf lists the information supplied.
  • Restart ABRT:
    $ service abrt restart

[Test 'report']

  • Ensure that the abrt and abrt-applet processes are both running
  • Kill a running process: kill -SIGSEGV (pid). It must be a process that is part of a signed Fedora package
  • Click on the Report button in popup bubble applet to start abrt-gui
  • Select the entry matching the recently crashed application, click Report
  • Click on Bugzilla button
  • Check out "I checked backtrace and removed sensitive data(password, etc)". Please do the check.
  • At the report window, click Send report


  • A popup message should say:
   STATUS: NEW(or proper status if you hit already reported bug)
  • A bug entry should be filled in the Bugzilla, the entry should be assigned to the package you crashed.
  • Store link to bug

[Test 'duplicate jump']

  • Open browser with reported bug(click on link or copy&paste it into your favorite browser)
  • Modified Status whiteboard(for example erase some letters or add some)
  • File a new bug(does not matter if is same application), but be sure that new bug is not already reported and close it as CLOSE DUPLICATE where duplicate id is your modified bug
  • Try to report again bug


  • A progress message should say:

Bugzilla("id"): Jump to bug "id"

  • A popup message should say:
   STATUS: proper status
   Bugzilla: <-- link should be your modified bug.

[Test 'limit jump only 5x']

  • Chain 6 bugs as you did in [Test 2]
  • Run test


  • A progress message should say:
Bugzilla(id): Jump to bug "id"

A popup message should say:

Bugzilla couldn't find parent of bug(id)