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This test case is designed to confirm that abrt can properly detect and diagnose application crashes from C/C++ programs.

How to test

  1. In /etc/abrt/abrt.conf, ensure a reporting mechanism is configured for the CCpp plugin. A sample configuration that uses the Logger reporting plugin is noted below
    CCpp = Logger
  2. Restart the abrtd service
    service abrtd restart
  3. Choose a C or C++ application to crash. For this example, we will use the sleep command which is provided by Package-x-generic-16.pngcoreutils.
  4. Run the application you wish to capture a crash. If using the sleep command, open a terminal and run the command:
    sleep 5m
  5. In another terminal, force an application crash by locating the process id, and using the kill command. For example,
    pkill -SIGSEGV sleep
  6. A desktop notification should appear in notification area.
  7. Open abrt-gui by clicking on it.
  8. Pick the chras from the list, generate a crash report using "Report" button on the toolbar.

Expected Results

  1. The abrt application detects the failure by updating the desktop icon
  2. Clicking the icon, or running the command abrt-gui displays the recently failed application
  3. Selecting the application from abrt-gui and reporting the failure generates a proper backtrace. (FIXME ... perhaps a link to what a good backtrace is)