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This test case tests the functionality of the ABRT feature.

How to test

  1. We will check that the abrt-cli works and provides meaningful information
  2. After running previous ABRT test cases you probably have a bunch of crash reports in cache. If not do some crashing:
    kill -SIGSEGV (pid)
  3. Mind abrt daemon is running
  4. First investigate them via abrt-gui -- which packages crashed, when, version, etc.
  5. Run
    abrt-cli --get-list-full
    in terminal
  6. Run
    abrt-cli --get-list
  7. Run
    abrt-cli --report <uuid>
    to report the crash
  8. Run
    abrt-cli --report-always <uuid>
    to report the crash without confirming
  9. Run
    abrt-cli --delete <uuid>
    to delete item with UUID <uuid>

Expected Results

  1. Option --get-list-full shows all crashes
  2. Option --get-list shows all not-yet-reported crashes
  3. Option --report shows crash report and asks for confirmation before sending it
  4. Option --report-always sends crash report
  5. Option --delete deletes crash with UUID <uuid>