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This test case tests the functionality of ABRT Knowledgebase


At the moment there are knowledgebase entries for the following software:

  • NVIDIA graphics driver
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • ATI Catalyst graphics driver
  • VLC Media Player
  • Google Chrome Web Browser
  • Chromium Web Browser
  • Skype
  • locally built software (in /home/ or /usr/local/)
  • Broadcom-STA Driver
  • VirtualBox

You need to enable rpmfusion first, to be able to install the listed software: rpmfusion free for F19 In case of problems with rpmfusion, refer the configuration page

You need to operate on problems with these in order to test the feature.

How to test

  1. Make some of the software mentioned above crash, e.g.
    killall -11 vlc
    killall -11 chrome
  2. Try standard reporting process

Expected Results

  1. A solution is shown and the reporting does not continue.
    This problem has already been reported.
    Your problem seems to be caused by VLC Media Player
    VLC media player includes codecs protected by patetnts.
    Fedora does not ship such pieces of software. You are welcome to use
    open formats in combination with Totem, Rhytmbox or amaroK media players.
    You can get more information at
    This problem has already been reported.
    Your problem seems to be caused by Google Chrome Web Browser
    Fedora does not include Google Chrome because it is a proprietary product
    and bundles other proprietary software such as Adobe Flash plugin.
    You can get more information at
  2. The solution is shown in gnome-abrt