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This test case tests the functionality of the ABRT feature using the Logger reporting plugin.

How to test

  1. Ensure you have the plugin installed with the command su -c 'dnf install libreport-plugin-logger'
  2. Turn on the logger workflow
sudo sed -i 's/# EVENT/EVENT/' /etc/libreport/workflows.d/report_logger.conf
# Confirm that the abrtd and abrt-applet processes are both running
# Kill some running process: kill -SIGSEGV (pid) or run will_segfault. It must be a process that is part of a signed Fedora package.
# Run Problem Reporting application.
# Select the entry matching the recently crashed application, then click Report.
# When you reach reporter selector page, select Export the problem data information to a text file
# Go through the reporting process until a dialog asking for Log File path appears.
# Fill in the path and continue
# Click through to the last window of the wizard

Expected Results

# After you finish the steps in wizard in the log you should see "The report was stored/appended to <FILENAME>" # Open the log file and see if crash information is in it and is well-formatted