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This test case tests the functionality of the ABRT plugins.

How to test

Edit config file /etc/abrt/abrt.conf, where you should find lines:

ABRT Plugins:
# enabled plugins
EnabledPlugins = SQLite3, CCpp, Logger

How to test this: only plugins in EnabledPlugins are loaded, so try to run

# abrt -d 

and you should see what is being loaded and try to fidle with enabled plugins -- if you remove SQLite3 plugin it should complain that it needs some DB plugin.

Database Plugin:

# selected DB plugin
Database = SQLite3

# this option is to ensure, that crashdumps won't take the whole HDD space
MaxCrashReportsSize = 1000;

How to test this: set this to some lower value and try to generate some crashdumps with abrt and exceed this limit - the last dump shouldn't be saved note - the last saved dump can exceed this value, but the next one won't be saved

Expected Results

ABRT should behave according to the configuration options