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Check that the abrt handles Python exceptions.

How to test

Configure abrt.conf so Python addon is enabled.
EnabledPlugins = Python
Having some reporter might be useful too
Python = Logger, Mailx
Restart service
service abrt restart
Find some .py file in system originally installed via RPM; e.g. /usr/share/doc/smolt-1.?/ from smolt package.
cp /usr/share/doc/smolt-1.?/ ~
Edit the file /usr/share/doc/smolt-1.?/ to contain some invalid Python code
"11" + 11
Run it in terminal like this
python /usr/share/doc/smolt-1.?/
Get it back :)
cp /usr/share/doc/smolt-1.?/

Expected Results

  1. Python traceback should be generated
  2. ABRT catches it, check the report via abrt-gui whether the trace in report window is the same as in terminal