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This test case tests whether installing using encryption using the anaconda recommended defaults functions properly.


  1. Start with a disk containing no partitions

How to test

  1. Boot the installer using any available means
  2. Make sure your disk is set to be encrypted
  3. Select the appropriate disk, and continue installation, choosing all provided defaults
  4. After installation is complete, perform QA:Testcase_base_startup to ensure the installed system boots correctly with the encrypted partition
  5. Repeat the test, selecting a non-English keyboard map and entering a passphrase which would not be input the same on an English keyboard map
Some keyboard layouts might be problematic
Some keyboard layouts differ in graphical environment and in console. Therefore it might happen that the exact password used in Anaconda to encrypt the disk might not work in Plymouth to unlock the disk. That is documented in RHBZ #743281 and we currently have no solution for it. Hitting Pause key before entering the password to unlock the disk might help in some cases to switch to a correct layout, e.g. this helps for the Czech qwerty (cz-lat2) layout.

Expected Results

  1. The system should install successfully
  2. After install, the system initiates boot properly

Follow-up testing
Testing that the installed system boots correctly is part of QA:Testcase_base_startup. Please perform that test after this one in order to ensure the system correctly unlocks the encrypted partition on boot. Failures after the installation stage should be recorded as a failure in that test case, not this one.