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= PartitioningRootfsOnDmraidDevice =
#REDIRECT [[QA:Testcase Install to BIOS RAID]]
== Description ==
A complete installation using a dmraid device for the / (rootfs) filesystem.  For more details on dmraid please consult  [] .  Refer to [[Image:QA_TestCases_PartitioningRootfsOnDmraidDevice_dmraid-install.png]]  for an example of a dmraid partitioning example.
== Steps To Reproduce ==
* Configure hardware for dmraid
* Initiate an installation using any boot method and/or installation source
* At the disk partitioning step, choose anaconda defaults.
== Expected Results ==
1. Anaconda completes successfully
1. Reboot successfully into installed system
1. The default partitioning scheme will put the root file system on LVM on dmraid
1. VolGroup00 is made from physical volumes on a dmraid device
[[Category:Installer Test Cases|PartitioningRootfsOnDmraidDevice]]

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