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This test case is intended to introduce a failure, and validate anaconda is able to properly handle the failure and report the issue to remote system. This test case relies on an updates.img that will intentionally cause the installation to fail in a manner that is non-destructive to your existing system. For more information in using an updates.img, see Anaconda/Updates.


Download, or create, boot media needed to boot and test the Fedora installer

How to test

  1. Boot the installer by any available means (CD, DVD, boot.iso or PXE). When booting, you must direct the installer towards an updates.img using this method below.
  2. When prompted, make language and keyboard selections.
  3. Depending on your installation method, you maybe prompted for a remote installation source. Make a selection and continue.
  4. Upon entering stage2 of the installer, you will be presented with a failure dialog. Select Save
  5. On the following dialog, choose Report uploader as the reporter and provide valid scp or ftp URL where to save the report, i.e. scp://login:password@host:path or ftp://login:password@host:path.

Expected Results

  1. The installer presents a failure dialog and offers an option to save the failure report.
  2. The reporter informs you that the error file has been successfully written
  3. Login the remote server, and verify that the file was copied correctly