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This test verifies that certificate trust still works as expected, given the default list of certificate authority anchors.


  1. Make sure to complete the prerequisites before starting this test.
  2. This test case connects to on port 443

How to test

  1. Verify that openssl recognizes the system anchors:
    openssl s_client -verify 5 -connect
    You should see: Verify return code: 0 (ok)
    Press Ctrl-C to exit
  2. Check that gnutls recognizes the system anchors:
    gnutls-cli -p 443
    You should see: Status: The certificate is trusted.
    Press Ctrl-C to exit
  3. Check that curl recognizes the system anchors:
    curl --head
    You should see: HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  4. Firefox should use the system anchors:
    The page should load without an error message.
    Left of the URL should have a good padlock (xxxx)
  5. Epiphany should use the system anchors:
    $ epiphany
    Right of the URL bar should have a gray padlock
  6. Java should use the system anchors:
    $ java testbz443
    This uses the java test program that you compiled in the prerequisites.
    The output should say connection worked

Expected Results

While executing each of the above commands, check the output matches what's noted for each command.


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