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This test case will verify virt-manager serial console display.

How to test

  1. As a non-root user, start a graphical install using virt-manager
  2. If not already connected, connect to the libvirtd running on your local system
  3. Select New to create a new guest
  4. Choose appropriate defaults to create a Fedora guest (using a boot.iso, DVD, or URL for the installation source).
  5. In the a kernel boot argument text box, type: console=ttyS0, and proceed with defining and start the guest
  6. Once created, select View->Serial Consoles->Serial 0
  7. Select the Serial 0 tab that is created.
  8. Interact with the guest operating system on the Serial 0 tab
  9. Finally, deselect View->Serial Consoles->Serial 0

Expected Results

  1. The serial console Serial 0 is a selectable option from the View->Serial Consoles menu
  2. When selected, a new tab showing Serial 0 is displayed
  3. Input/output over Serial 0 is visible to the guest
  4. When deselected, the Serial 0 tab is removed