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Launch Fedora CoreOS in Google Cloud Platform from the fedora-coreos-next image family.

Free of charge
At the time of writing this test case, FCOS could be launched free of charge in GCP, making it possible to run this test case without paying for it.


  1. Create a GCP account.

How to test

  1. Follow the Booting on GCP documentation to launch the latest image in the fedora-coreos-next image family.
  2. Use the gcloud CLI or the web frontend to discover the IP address for the launched instand and then SSH to the new instance using ssh username@ipaddress (replace username and ipaddress with actual values).
    • If you did not provide a custom Ignition file and only provided a SSH key-pair, then the default username to use is core.
  3. Don't forget to terminate your instance after you're done with testing, so that you don't end up paying for an eternal-running machine.

Expected Results

  1. The system launches in AWS according to the instructions.
  2. You can connect through SSH.
  3. The linked documentation is clear, all steps are understandable, and nothing important is missing from it.


  1. Instead of providing just a SSH key-pair, familiarize yourself with FCOS provisioning philosophy and create an Ignition file (copying the simplest example is fine). Then run this test case again, this time using your custom Ignition file.
  2. Instead of launching the GCP instance from the command line, use GCP web console to launch it.