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Install Fedora CoreOS and build and run containers.


  1. Have access to a (or install a new) FCOS instance running the next stream.

How to test

  1. Using podman, build fcct from a Dockerfile, which is the tool you've used to convert FCCs to Ignition configs. To do this:
git clone
cd fcct
podman build -t fcct .
  1. Try running the container, e.g. podman run -ti --rm fcct --help.
  2. Now, use docker to build the container. Note that it might be easier to use a new host since there are known conflicts between podman and docker:
git clone
cd fcct
docker build -t fcct .
  1. Try running the container, e.g. docker run -ti --rm fcct --help.

Expected Results

  1. You can build a container using both podman and docker.
  2. You can run a built container using podman and docker.


  1. If you're familiar with other containerized software, try building and running them too.