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DNF-2.0 is the next upcoming major version of DNF package manager. Unfortunately, it brings some incompatibilities with previous version of DNF (DNF-1) which were either needed to improve compatibility with the old yum interface, or where bigger redesigns were needed. A list of identified incompatible changes can be found here. This test case isn't a precise step-by-step, but rather suggests several different avenues for testing basic commands, plugins and third party software.


If you are testing from a system you use for other purposes (which we don't usually recommend), BACK UP your important data. Every system change is potentially risky, be prepared.

  • Optionally, install a current DNF 2 snapshot from this COPR repo - testing with both the current officially packaged DNF 2 and a more recent snapshot is useful:
    • dnf copr enable rpmsoftwaremanagement/dnf-nightly
    • dnf update dnf
  • testing scenarios:
    • anaconda installation
    • upgrade from previous Fedora version
    • core functionality: install, upgrade, remove, repoquery
    • dnf-plugins: copr, system-upgrade, download
    • third party software: mock, yumex

How to test

  • Install updates from enabled repos: sudo dnf update
  • Install, update and remove packages: sudo dnf (install
  • A list of all commands is available here, as time permits, test out various subcommands and note any odd behaviours or undocumented differences between yum, DNF 1.x and 2.x
  • Testing yum2dnf compatibility:
    • Run any use case you can think of using yum: yum [option] foo

Expected Results

  • If updating to a snapshot from the COPR repo, the repo should enable and the update install successfully
  • dnf update should update the system successfully
  • Commands listed at [1] should work fine
  • DNF 2.0 should be able to handle yum operations