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This test case tests nautilus-gdu, gnome-disk-utility-format

How to test

  1. Ensure the nautilus-gdu gnome-disk-utility-format are installed
  2. Open computer:// in Nautilus
  3. Use the Format dialog to create new filesystem on the device (FAT, EXT3)
  4. Try to create encrypted filesystem (LUKS)
  5. Alternatively, the Format utility can be spawned from the Applications menu -> System -> Gnome Disk Utility Format (will be renamed and moved soon) - check that the volume selector lists all removable volumes available and only them, no fixed disks etc.

Expected Results

  1. Removable media and volumes should indicate ability to format by the Format item in the context menu. This applies to USB mass storage devices and DVD-RAM media.
  2. (Optional) Dialog should open up and list applications having opened files on the device you're trying to format.