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This test cases focuses on Palimpsest, graphical frontend of DeviceKit-disks and its ability to work with removable media.

How to test

  1. yum install gnome-disk-utility, this will pull in DeviceKit-disks and DeviceKit via dependencies.
  2. Ensure Palimpsest is available from the Applications menu -> System -> Palimpsest disk utility
  3. Run palimpsest under user and look for PolicyKit authentication prompts, generally you should not receive any Permission denied errors
  4. Use palimpsest (the graphical frontend) to create, modify and delete partitions and file systems on various media, such as usb sticks, cds, removable hard disks, etc.
  5. Use palimpsest to encrypt partitions and to change passwords for existing encrypted partitions.
  6. (Optional) Verify that palimpsest correctly reports smart data from disks which support it.
  7. (Optional) Raid support - insert removable device with software raid configured
  8. (Optional) Raid support - configure Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5 on removable device, write data, eject and insert back media

Expected Results

  1. all steps succefully executed with no SELinux errors or permission denials