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This release makes some small improvements to Evolution.


  • Add the following online accounts as described in Online Accounts test case.
    • Google
    • Windows Live
    • ownCloud

How to test

  1. Run Evolution.
  2. Browse, read, search and send e-mails.
  3. Browse, read, search and create calendar events.
  4. Browse, show, search and create contacts.

Expected Results

  1. Evolution should automatically use all online accounts configured in Online Accounts.
  2. You can send and receive e-mails using IMAP/POP account.
  3. Every action should work properly.
  4. You should be notified using Gnome Shell notifications when you have planned calendar events. Calendar should store events on online services (Google or Microsoft Exchange) and Evolution can access them.
  5. All contacts should be stored on online services and Evolution can access them.