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Gnome Boxes is intuitive application for managing virtual machines targeted towards typical desktop end-users, who just want to automatically install and run different operating systems on their hosts. Gnome Boxes is focused on usability and out of the box user experience with very little input from user.


  • Install package Package-x-generic-16.pnggnome-boxes.
  • Have ISO, CD/DVD or USB stick with Fedora 17 or 18, Windows XP or 7, Debian, Ubuntu or other.

How to test

  1. Install various operating systems using manual installation.
  2. Install Fedora 17 or 18, Windows XP or 7 using express installation. Other operating systems like Debian, Ubuntu, etc. are not supported by express installation.
  3. Try use common applications like web browser, video player, file manager, text editor, terminal and manipulate with applications windows inside box and manipulate with Boxes window itself.
  4. Try install, boot and switch between multiple Boxes, maximum number of running instances depends on available RAM.
  5. Using "graph icon" configure box preferences.
  6. Select and remove some boxes. Try undo functionality.

Expected Results

  1. Boxes should boot into installer or live system.
  2. Boxes should ask you about username, password and if needed licence key before creates new box. Box should install without user interaction and reboot after successful installation into installed operating system.
  3. All application should work as usual. Virtualized systems should change their screen resolution when you resize Boxes window.
  4. Boxes should run multiple VMs in parallel, depending on available hardware resources.
  5. Preferences should contain correct informations (check on guest). Every option should work as expected, except USB redirection which is not implemented yet.
  6. Previously removed box restored by "Undo" should be in same state as before. Removed box shouldn't reappear after Boxes restart.