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This test case tests the basic functionality of the Color Settings panel and hotplugging for colorimeter devices.


  1. Make sure the Package-x-generic-16.pnggnome-control-center and Package-x-generic-16.pnggnome-color-manager packages are installed
  2. Remove any previous color profiles set for the display (FIXME: how do you do this from outside of the panel?)
  3. Ensure no color calibration hardware is connected

How to test

  1. Open the Color Settings panel
  2. Make sure the display is visible in the device list
  3. Click on the display, make sure the "Calibrate" action at the bottom right is disabled
  4. Attach a color calibration device, make sure the "Calibrate" action gets enabled
  5. Click "Calibrate", ensure the wizard allows you to proceed.
  6. Verify the full screen OSD to attach the device to the screen is shown at the end of the wizard
  7. Press "Start" on the OSD and verify color patches start drawing on the screen

Expected Results

  1. Ensure the calibration process finishes correctly
  2. Ensure the new profile is available from the panel once the process completes