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This test case focuses on graphical login screen, shown after boot, log out, and when user-switching.


Create multiple user accounts in "Usermenu" - "System Settings" - "User Accounts". Each account using different keyboard layout for username and password input. For example US QWERTY and FR AZERTY or Dvorak or your local variant. Try to use (special) characters not available or located on different places on the other keyboard layout. Remember, usernames should contain only English characters, digits and "." or "-" or "_", passwords don't have restricted charaters. You can set password after you create new account or at first login, try both.

How to test

  1. Boot or logout to show login screen.
  2. One by one try to login with each listed account. Remember to select correct keyboard layout before you enter your password.
  3. Try to login with wrong password and correct password typed when using wrong keyboard layout.

Expected Results

  1. The login manager should display all user accounts, but not the root account. Username should contain correct characters.
  2. You should be able to log in with each configured user account using correct password. Check if keyboard layout is the same as you have selected in login screen, after you login to desktop.
  3. Entering an incorrect password should return you to the accounts list, with a warning/explanation message.