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This install verifies that installing on a Fedora system as a KVM guest works properly. The test is designed to ensure virtual KVM devices are recognized and properly used during installation. For help with virtualization, see Getting started with virtualization.

How to test

  1. Create a virtual machine (aka guest) and attach a Fedora ISO install disc (e.g. boot.iso, DVD, CD, live image) to the virtual machine. This can be accomplished using the virt-install command or by using the graphical utility virt-manager.
  2. Hit run to boot the guest from the provided ISO disc
  3. Proceed with normal installation

Expected Results

  1. The installer successfully boots from the ISO image
  2. The installer is able to activate and use the virtual network device(s)
  3. The installer transitions to stage2 without error
  4. The installer is able to activate and use the virtual storage device(s)
  5. The install completes successfully
  6. The system reboots successfully, recognizing filesystems created on the virt device(s)