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KDE upstream defaults to Desktops effects enabled by default for several releases. With the current development of graphics drivers in Fedora, we believe it's time to enable it by default and follow upstream decision. There's still no llvmpipe support for KWin.


Working graphics drivers with acceleration.

How to test

  1. Boot to KDE Plasma Desktop
  2. Check if OpenGL or XRender is used (System Settings -> Desktop Effects -> Advanced -> Compositing Type)
  3. Try different effects (especially Blur) (System Settings -> Desktop Effects -> All Effects -> Blur checkbox)

Expected Results

  1. Desktop starts with Desktop effects enabled, no crash occures, no performance problems observed, no visible artifacts
  2. It should fallback to XRender in case no suitable OpenGL available

If you encounter any performance problems or glitches, please attach the output of glxinfo command. For glitches also screenshot.