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This tests the new feature of kmix: ability to control audio streams in addition to controlling volumes of only devices.


You will need some recording HW (a microphone) in order to test the Capture Streams handling.

How to test

  1. Playback Streams
    1. First, open KMix - you can do that via the volume tray icon. Now, start playing two different streams - you can for example play an online video in Konqueror while starting your favorite song with Amarok
    2. Reduce the volume of one of the streams to a half
    3. Now start reducing the overall volume through left-clicking on the kmix tray icon.
    4. Stop both sources of playback
  2. Capture Streams

Expected Results

  1. Playback Streams
    1. You should hear both items playing in the same time and see both streams present in the Playback Streams tab in kmix.
    2. You should now hear the second stream better as the first one's volume gets reduced.
    3. As you reduce the overall volume you can see that the specific streams get reduced too - relatively to their previous setting.
    4. Streams should disappear from the 'Playback Streams' tab.
  2. Capture Streams