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  1. Install Fedora 17 on your machine
  2. After system installed, check if kexec-tools is installed via
    rpm -q kexec-tools
    Or via yum
    yum install kexec-tools
  3. Reserve crashkernel for kdump by grubby 
    grubby --args="crashkernl=128M" --update-kernel=$(grubby --default-kernel)
    Reboot system and check /proc/cmdline
    cat /proc/cmdline | grep "crashkernel"
  4. Edit /etc/kdump.conf. This is an example:
    ext4 /dev/mapper/vg_dhcp6558-lv_root 
    kdump_post /bin/kdump-script
    extra_bins /usr/bin/crash
    extra_modules twofish-x86_64
  1. Apply changes and start kdump via
    service kdump restart

How to test

  1. Trigger crash via:
    echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger

Expected Results

  1. From console could see Script excuted
  2. System reboot after process finished